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Admin vitrified pvt. ltd. Supplies variety of products in the ceramic flooring solutions like Spanish styled GVT and PGVT with sugar finish and marble finish, Italian GVT and PGVT with sugar finish and marble finish through metamorphosis of its imaginations. The longest banquet halls and exhibitions halls also can get its aesthetics with Spanish marble flooring solutions through in GVT and PGVT in an ubiquitous i.e. in Europe, America, Middle east, Carrabin etc.
Modern suggestions and collections inspired by nature. MORE THAN A BRAND, ADMIN VITRIFIED TILES IS A STYLE. Sophisticated and elegant high end brand. From Presenting New Way of NANO, GVT, PGVT 600 x 600 mm AND 600 x 1200 mm. presenting to capture the world. Ceramic Industry coming soon manufacturer and exporters of ceramic vitrified tiles Admin Vitrified tiles in Morbi.
Admin vitrified pvt. ltd. is inherently capable to cater the needs of American choice of interior designing for kitchen, dining room, living room, bath etc. our tiling solution in the form of GVT and PGVT in 600mm * 600mm size with matt, glossy, sugar finish and high definition texture can be best suited choice for all king of interior design like rustic custom look, classical, southern farm house etc.
Admin vitrified pvt. ltd. Is best manufacturer and supplier in the line of high quality European glazed vitrified tiles and polished glazed vitrified tiles, American glazed vitrified tiles and polished glazed vitrified tiles. These GVT and PGVT with nano polished technology is the best flooring tonic for Asian granite passion.
The unique feature of Admin vitrified pvt ltd is its empathetic quality as we understands the quality expectations of construction industry stakeholders like flatness of tiles i.e. absence of Modulus of rupture, low porosity, water resistant , chemical resistant, stain resistant. These quality features all inclusively provides wide range of best quality GVT and PGVT with nano polished technology like matt series, glossy series, satin matt series, sugar finish series, wooden finish series.